Brand: D&N, Taiwan

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) intends to reduce both acute and chronic pain.


Channel :                                    Dual, isolated between channels

Function Modes :                        Burst (for acute pain), Continuous (for chronic pain) and Modulation

Pulse intensity :                          Adjustable 0-80mA peak into 500 Ω load each channel, constant current
Pulse rate :                                 1Hz-160Hz (adjustable), 1Hz/step (1-20Hz), 5Hz/step (20-160Hz)

Pulse Width :                              50μs - 260μs (adjustable), 10μs/step.

Patient Compliance Meter :         Show the treatment time in hours
LCD Display :                             Show modes, pulse rate, pulse width, timer, CH1/CH2
Timer Selection :                        15/30/60 minutes and continuous mode

Power Supply :                          Battery
Dimensions (W x H x D) :           61.5 x 108 ×25 mm
Weight :                                      140g (battery included)
Additional Features of SMART:

- Strength Duration and Rate Modulation (SDR): consist of alternating modulated intensity and pulse rate
- Strength Duration and Width Modulation (SDW): consist of alternating modulated intensity and pulse width
- Patient Lock System: Prevents the user from changing any fixed parameters set by the physician or

  licensed practitioner

- Easy operation

- For treatment effectiveness, SDR and SDW modulations allow patients to state sensitive to the

  current changes (for SMART)

- Better patient security by the Lock System (for SMART)