SECA EMR Validated Electronic Measuring Station

Model: seca787

Brand: SECA, Germany

Electronic weighing and measuring station with EMR function. Automatic BMI calculation


Dimensions (W x H x D) :                   410 x 1,356 x 576 mm
Dimensions/ platform (W x H x D) :    350 x 59 x 418 mm
Capacity :                                           250 kg
Graduation :                                       100 g
Height Measuring Range :                  10 - 230 cm (Digital Range 122-230 cm)
Graduation :                                       1 mm
Weight :                                              12.9 kg
Power Supply :                                  Batteries / mains adapter optional

Functions :                                         TARE, Auto-HOLD, Auto-BMI, kg/lbs switch-over, cm/inch switch-over, 

                                                           Damping, Integrated measuring rod, Transport castors

Optional:                                             Interface module to transmit measurements to EMR systems (seca452)

- The price-performance champion of networkable measuring and weighing

- Touch of one button to calculate BMI automatically
- Low and very robust design platform
- Non-slip rubber surface